Design for fun

I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of understanding and creating play in games, art, and beyond.


I have worked in the industry to ship innovative games over the last decade.


I write about design, play, industries, and art for a newsletter and hosted on this site.


I used to record a now dormant podcast chronicling game development.


I work on games and game-like experiences for art galleries with my father as part of SWEAT


I create smaller non-profit games for local arcade machines whenever I can.


I have consulted on game design for start-ups at tech incubators. Always open to do more!


The chapters of my life are defined by games.

Family business

  • My father is a digital artist and professor for games.
  • Since I was little, play was serious business!
  • Now we collaborate on game experiences for galleries.

Lifetime of play

  • Of course, I have been playing games all my life!
  • Game design started on the playground. I would come up with original games like “Swing Kickball” or “Foot War”
  • As I grew older, I learned how to use rudimentary programming tools like Stagecast Creator and Scratch.
  • I programmed my first game for our 5th grade science fair!

Community engaged

  • As a teen I began attending game developer events.
  • I was the youngest participant at our Global Game Jams.
  • I travelled to New York to attend Games For Change.

Early Success

  • Teamed up with friends to win the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in their new videogame category
  • We created a 3D puzzle platformer in Unity where a kid pushes furniture around and transforms the environment into imaginative dreamscapes
  • Tony Hawk was one of the judges, he said he liked my shoes (not pictured).


Summer Camp

  • During college, I would teach Scratch at game-making summer camps.
  • Some kids were too young to read! But we found ways to make stuff.

BAFTA Awards

  • Lived in Scotland for a couple months and made a game as part of the “Dare to be Digital” competition.
  • We distinguished ourselves and won the BAFTA “Ones to Watch” Award.
  • Our game, Chambara, began attracting lots of interest.


  • Buoyed by the reception, we pitched Chambara as the inaugural release for USC Games’ publishing label – the first of its kind in the world.
  • During our last year of university we expanded the team to increase content and quality and port the game for a PS4 release.

Installation Art

  • I continue exploring ways that games can have a home in the art world.
  • SOW/REAP and Migraciones explore camera-based interactions to blend spectator and participant.



  • I begin writing a design blog that turns into a newsletter.
  • The end of tinyLetter has put a stop to my writing for now, but one day I will migrate to another service.

Penny’s Big Breakaway ships

  • After many years of work, Evening Star’s first title debuts!
  • I was Evening Star’s first employee, and saw the project from beginning to end.
  • Nothing compares to the joy of seeing people play your levels and connecting with it. I am immensely proud.