• Oxygen


    Oxygen (2016) – Designer, Engineer, Artist Juggle electrons in this challenging molecular puzzle game! Check out the demo here!

  • Cardboard Robot

    Cardboard Robot

    CARDBOARD ROBOT (2014) – Game designer, artist, programmer Pilot a massive robot and try to cross the city without falling over! You are huge, but flimsy as cardboard. Control the robot by swinging two cartoonishly large joysticks. prototyping Part of the USC Arcade Cabinet collection.

  • TrafficVille


    TrafficVille (2011) – Designer, artist It’s 2010 all over again! Play a car racing browser game while chatting with a friend on Facebook, just like in real life. A parody of the Facebook games boom, angry dude nerds, and the hazards of texting while driving. Made with Scratch for the 2011 Global Game Jam. Play…

  • Bats


    Bats (2004) – Developer My first game was made for a 5th grade science fair. Play as a bat, navigating a maze looking for food using only echolocation.