• Chambara


    CHAMBARA (2016) – Lead Designer The BAFTA “Ones to Watch” award-winning stealth brawler is out now on PS4! Hide in plain sight by blending into the background, and sneak up on your foe to win. Nine unique levels, loads of character customizations, only two colors. Visit for more information   Winner of the 2015 BAFTA “Ones…

  • Soul Bikers

    Soul Bikers

    SOUL BIKERS (2014) – Game designer and artist Race against a friend – and against the ghosts of everyone who has ever played the game before! After every race, the data for the player is stored, and populates an ever-growing roster of competitors. Weave through massive crowds, draft behind ghosts, get passed by your future self! Set it up in…

  • Rhea

    Rhea – Trailer from Riley Pietsch on Vimeo. RHEA (2014) – Level Designer Rhea was a nascent VR flight and exploration game from USC Games. Explore mysterious ruins of a lost civilization and soar through the skies using their mystical power.

  • Cow Love

    Cow Love

      COW LOVE (2014) – Producer and Developer. Honestly Alec Faulkner did 99% of it. Protect a herd of cows from dusk to dawn! Raise them, feed them, breed them, sell them!  



    SowReap playTest 00 03 1080 from Rafael Fajardo on Vimeo. SOW/REAP (2013) – Game Designer SOW/REAP is an interactive art installation game built with Xbox 360 Kinects and wall projections. Depending on where players are standing in the room they either cultivate or destroy poppy flowers, with the effects on one wall impacting or overlapping with the…

  • Reality Ends Here

    Reality Ends Here

    Reality Ends Here (2013-2015) – Associate Designer Reality is an IndieCade “Impact Award” winning educational ARG and pervasive card game. Collect cards and assemble decks to form media creation prompts, and earn rewards by creating them. Weekly winners receive unique opportunities for experiences around the city. More information at:

  • Bedtime

    Bedtime (2011) – Game and level designer, artist It’s night time and the lights are out. You are a young child, on the quest to retrieve your stuffed penguin. When you climb atop furniture, the world transforms into an imaginative dreamscape. Miss a jump, though, and the world snaps back to reality. Winner of the…