Episode 12 – pokemon is banned from this show for life

It wasn’t long after the Pokémon phenomenon first crashed on American shores that schools began banning all things Pokémon from playgrounds. As we stand in the midst of a Pokémon resurgence more than two decades later, the hosts of Free Wi-Fi would like to honor their childhood experience by banning Pokémon from this podcast for the rest of all time. We clearly talked about it too much last episode, and we will not do that again. There are games to make, and episodes to record where we talk about it!

But first, Esteban gives his third (and final?) game studies book review. Fox talks about making an expanded sequel to her dog petting project.

Our theme music is by Jami Lynne, @cloversealife on twitter! The hosts can be found @foxyredspecs and @estebanthinks, the show is @FreeWifiPodcast