Episode 4 – Winteractive Challenge

The weather outside is frightful, even in Los Angeles. Fox got a cold, and Esteban’s street vendor burrito got soggy from the rain. Under these harsh conditions, they press on to give a 100% accurate recap of the release of Smash Bros. Ultimate and The Game Awards, which have definitely happened when they recorded. Yep.

Catherine has proposed a challenge: Make an interactive holiday card for your friends before the new year rolls around. The conditions are: It must take place in a single scene or setting, and it must have a bordered frame of some kind. If you want to join in and make one, please share it with us on twitter!

Catherine Fox is at @foxyredspecs and Esteban Fajardo is at @estebanthinks !!!



Check out the Ludem Dare game “No, Not the Booty!” that Esteban collaborated on:



The Investigation game has an updated prototype with the journal feature added, check it out on itch.io with the password “free”



Next Time: The results of the Winteractive Challenge! Will it be heartwarming… or horrifying??

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