Episode 5 – New Year New You

Catherine and Esteban are back from their break, but they’re not quite ready to be done with the holidays. That’s because first we gotta talk about all the delightful interactive holiday cards people made! Afterwards, the topic drifts into exploring the different ways we start conceptualizing a game project. Can you tell Esteban wrote this? Luckily, the podcast is at least 50% Catherine, so it’s much more fun that this description! What are you doing? Listen to it already!

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THIS WEEK’S DISCUSSION QUESTION: How many versions of Unity is too many?


Here are the holiday cards <3

(Links and images available at estebanfajardo.com)



Holiday Card 2018 – Esteban Fajardo


Winter Woods – Catherine Fox


Crimbus Card – Kevin Wong


Birb Card 2019 – Jocelyn Kim (sorry, the passwords are secrets)


Esteban’s Design Document Template Part 1!

  1. Premise
    • Elevator Pitch (I leave this blank, hanging over everything until the end lol)
  2. Mandate
    • Project Goal (what is developing this supposed to accomplish?)
    • Parameters (what are the restrictions on the development?)
  3. Experience Goal
    • Primary emotions (can’t have everything on the emotional pallet, pick three)
    • Player fantasy (role-playing and wish fulfillment)
    • Player objectives (their long term goals, short term goals, immediate goals)


Next Time: Fox goes to the opera AGAIN! Esteban gets a new microphone! There, I sent that out, so now I HAVE to do it.